About Lobel’s Bread

Lobel’s Bread unites in itself all the best qualities of other explorers and stands preeminent above all. It offers the most comprehensive range of bread in Zimbabwe.

There is an option for every individual’s taste and lifestyle.
Lobel’s prides itself on the reputation of longer lasting freshness, superior quality, irresistible aroma, tastiness and mostly its wholesomeness.

Experience all the goodness you have come to expect with the Lobel’s prime white loaf, the healthy and rich Hi- Fiber loaf, wholesome and tasty Whole meal loaf and also the high energy and filling Whole wheat loaf. Great taste meets a healthy lifestyle with the Lobel’s brown bread variants.


To be the most preferred and trusted provider of uncompromised quality and healthy baked products in Zimbabwe and Africa.


We aim to be the best and innovative customer-oriented private limited company producing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing uncompromised quality and value for money.

We believe our operation will ensure high return or investment for our shareholders at the same time empowering and creating wealth for all employees and be a maximum benefit to all stakeholders while realizing social responsibility.

Over 50 years ago, Mr. W. Lobel and Mr. B. E. Lobel of Bulawayo established a family business in 1957, and named it Lobel’s. Before then, early pioneer bakeries had produced bread by hand but Lobel’s saw the need for automation and after substantial investments introduced modern production-line baking equipment. The resulting competitive prices made bread a staple item for the city’s growing population.

Lobel’s expanded beyond freshly baked bread to sweet baked confectionery. 2000 saw the introduction of a wide range of confectionery line.

It eventually moved to Harare in 1959 through the acquisition of Pockets, Northwest and London bakeries. However, its first factory is still located in Bulawayo.

Lobel’s produces bread from two main plants; Harare plant located in Southerton Industrial Area and Bulawayo plant in Belmont Industrial Site. The two plants have a combined installed capacity of over 400,000 loaves/daily and runs two 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week.

Currently, Lobel’s Bread has a total staff complement of over 970 in Harare and 420 in Bulawayo. Depots are used as transit storage facilities with market driven or order based stock levels.

The following are our depots locations

Northern Region


83 Manchester Road

Farm Mechanisation Ltd 

478 Trojan Road                                                                                  

306 Derby Road
Light Industries  

10 Vhumba
Cairns Complex                                                                             

651 Willows road
Industrial Area                                                                              


Southern Region

Stand No. 1031 Leeds Road

Light Industries

167 Industrial road
Surrey Complex                                                                              

592 Derby Rd

11 Burke Street
Industrial Area                                                                            

Our Company culture is founded from the extra motivation (Belief) derived from the experience in bringing value to the customer by continually improving and monitoring the professionalism of each and every one of our employees, the processes and technologies that we employ in the organization.

Our Primary Interest is in the provision of uncompromised food quality to our valued customers, striving to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, in other words, we believe in sustainability.